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"I feel better overall and happy with my relationship with alcohol, food and more. It’s still a work in progress. Thank you for the enormous gift of information and encouragement."
~Julie D.
“I’m just so grateful Molly. I know it’s only been 30 days and I know that change and progress is slow. I understand also that I will still have times where I go off-plan and I’m going to be compassionate with myself when that happens. I know this is a long road and that it is a forever road, but I also can see hope. The things I’ve done and the progress I’ve made in just 30 days speak to that. “
~Julie W.
"It was such an aha moment when Molly laid out that we could change our thinking around alcohol, that’s when things changed significantly for me and the journey from there has been SO surprisingly freeing!"
~Sue L.
"Good morning my friends, really enjoyed the zoom experience yesterday, first time for me so I was a bit nervous. Didn’t know what to expect. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay right until the end. Next time I’m intending to have more input. Thanks Molly for all!"
~Andy H.